Donations for Shooting Victims of Aurora, CO

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This month’s space is dedicated to highlighting nonprofits that are working to help those affected by the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012.


For most of America the mayhem in Aurora may be over, but for the victims and their families the need for support continues.

Bonfils Blood Center is asking for blood donations, monetary help

Most needed: O negative, A negative, and plasma. In Colorado, the need for blood donations continues. Those living in, or visiting, the area are asked to call (303) 366-2000 to make an appointment or go to

It takes more than blood to save a life. If you are not in the area, you can still help. There are significant costs involved with collecting, testing, processing and distributing blood donations from the community. Bonfils Blood Center Foundation, the fundraising arm of the blood center, accepts financial contributions that play a critical role in Bonfils’ ability to purchase equipment, maintain its facilities and provide programs, education and services to the community. Bonfils Blood Center and Bonfils Blood Center Foundation are recognized 501(c)(3) exempt organizations by the IRS Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (see below). To donate, click here.





The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) is committed to fairness and healing for crime victims, their families and communities through leadership, education, and advocacy. By operating in an inclusive and compassionate manner, COVA creates solutions and positive change. COVA’s vision is to be recognized as a national leader in building a collaborative environment where crime victims are given the opportunity to heal and restore balance to their lives. Make your donations here.

COVA is approved by GuideStar, the leading source of information on U.S. nonprofits.


United Way Denver 2-1-1 Hotline

For Denver residents looking for non-emergency help, whether it’s someone to talk to about the recent tragedy, information on how to get aid from a local medical clinic, or mental health assistance, the United Way’s 2-1-1 hotline offers free, multi-lingual services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Learn how you can support the United Way’s critical hotline service


Community First Foundation

Since 1975, the Community First Foundation has awarded $73.7 million in grants to improve quality of life in the Denver metro area. Through its “Giving First” program, the foundation has established a website of Colorado charities that first undergo a screening process. Community First Foundation has listed 11 local charities that are currently giving aid to the Aurora shooting victims and their families, some of which are listed above. You can see the list by clicking here.


Not Accepting Donations

The American Red Cross Colorado Chapters dispensed food, water and mental health professionals to Gateway High School, which served as an evacuation site for victims and witnesses after the shooting. The organization is not accepting donations at this time for this specific effort.

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