Houston P.S. – Don’t Forget to Help Houston’s Charities!

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Welcome to the first posting of what we hope will be useful and concise information for nonprofits operating in the Houston area. The purpose of this blog is to introduce a different nonprofit(s) each month, highlight best practices that others can adopt, and pave the way for potential collaborative partnerships in the future.  To kick off this endeavor, we are highlighting a new and very unique type of nonprofit organization.

Ever heard of a nonprofit FOR nonprofits?  Houston Philanthropic Society was just launched 3 months ago and already has several features that every Houston-based nonprofit should consult regularly.  One is the Events Calendar.  Have you ever scheduled your annual fundraiser, only to find out that you picked the same morning as the Race for the Cure, or the same weekend as the MS150?  Posting on the Houston PS calendar not only helps you avoid these major dates, but is also an effective way to advertise your event – at no cost.

But wait – Houston PS offers nonprofits much, much more!  They will assist you with finding the right employee, looking for in-kind donations, or even locating volunteers for your gala, all by posting your needs and wishes for free via their website.

Does your head swim when you think about all of the information on the Internet that you should be searching, but you just don’t have time?  Houston PS does the searching for you to find the most up-to-date tools and articles, and makes them available on their Facebook page (BTW, if your nonprofit does not have a Facebook page, then it’s time you got one!).  You can even follow them on Twitter.

The advantage of Houston Philanthropic Society’s centralized approach is that it enables nonprofits to reach larger audiences and more resources than they could ever reach on their own, with minimal effort and no financial outlay.  Use it to show your donors how frugal you are with their dollars!

Thank you for reading.  It is our hope that, through this blog, we will all become better informed about the charitable services that exist  in our community. Through education, new partnerships may be formed; valuable resources may be directed to where they can do the most good; and we can support one another in making Houston a better place for all who live here. 

Houston P.S. – Don’t forget to help Houston’s charities!  More in November.

Richard Beeman