Upon hiring Aurora Grants & Consulting, we will begin looking at your nonprofit with new eyes, seeing it as the potential funder will see it, and asking the same questions. Our experience allows us to put your organization into a broader perspective, a vantage point that you just do not have. As a result, we are able to present your proposal in a manner that is clear and concise, focused and realistic, comprehensive and compelling.



Aurora was the Goddess of Dawn in Roman mythology. Her profile is often carved into cameo jewelry; or she is depicted in paintings, scattering flowers over the earth to usher in a new day. Aurora, therefore, represents Hope: a fitting symbol for the charitable work performed by nonprofit organizations.


At Aurora Grants & Consulting, we also bring hope. While your vision, mission, and values have brought your nonprofit to where it is today, you also know the cost of appointing the right person to the wrong task. What will be the cost to your nonprofit of having someone draft your proposal who (1) does not have adequate time, (2) whose writing skills are mediocre, and/or (3) who is not particularly thorough? Or, what opportunities will you miss if you decide to undertake the task yourself? Have you really maximized your chances of having the proposal funded?


Since Aurora Grants & Consulting will be your partner throughout the writing process, it is important that a comfortable working relationship exists from the start. A free, one hour interview is the first step, and can be conducted by phone or, preferably, in person. If you have already identified the potential funder, we will request that you forward that information to our office prior to the meeting. This helps in determining what documents will be required, putting together a timetable, and developing a budget. If you require our services to help you identify potential funders, then the first interview will focus primarily upon the proposal’s purpose and the approximate funding amount that you are seeking.


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At Aurora Grants & Consulting, we also bring hope.

At Aurora Grants & Consulting, we also bring hope.

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