Quarterly Vlog #1 - Grant Seeking for The Arts


3 Things Arts Organizations Should Know About Fundraising

This video was created in partnership with Houston Arts Alliance, specifically to aid nonprofits in the arts with their grant-seeking. In this video, Linda addresses these questions:

  1. What are nonprofit funders looking for in arts organizations?

  2. What can my arts organization do to improve chances of being funded?

  3. What's the biggest mistake arts nonprofits make when applying for grant funding?

  4. (bonus!) How does my network effect my grant funding opportunities?

Aurora Grants & Consulting is proud to be entering our 10th year of Helping Houston’s Nonprofits. In addition to providing relevant content for small and midsize nonprofits on our website, we are excited to announce the launch of our new quarterly vlog series.

Be watching for future vlogs on a wide range of nonprofit fundraising topics.

Richard Beeman